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If you’re gonna keep being cute then you’ll have to kiss me, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

I just submitted my graduation application for Spring 2015. It still seems so surreal. #collegelife #graduationtime #bama #rolltide #crimsontide #alabama



Daily dose of love quotes here

Holy shit. The is PERFECT!

26 pages and it’s done! #holla #collegelife #religiousstudiesmajor #judaicstudiesminor #independentstudydone


We have one kitten left at work and he does not like to be ignored! He demands you pay attention to his cute!





I didn’t know there were twenty thousand vegans on tumblr!!!

You can be against animal cruelty and not be a vegan

You can be against animal cruelty and not be a vegan

Also given the fact some vegans wilfully neglect their pet’s diet for personal belief reasons you can in fact be a vegan and be ok with animal cruelty when its convenient for you.


Hey Qween! [x

Anonymous Asked:
What's so bad about periods

My answer:


  • Blood comes out of your vagina for anywhere from 3-7 days
  • That blood you lose can be around 4 tablespoons to a cup
  • a cup of blood, vaginal mucus, and endometrial tissue
  • You get cramps that will make you cry. You can vomit and/or pass out from them
  • You will get horrible mood swings
  • You get headaches
  • Backaches
  • Your breasts hurt so bad sometimes you can’t even touch them
  • You get acne everywhere
  • Your actual vagina could be sore
  • Your feel constantly tired
  • You have a constant fear of soaking through your pad/tampon
  • You can’t lay a certain way in bed
  • You take pill after pill and it still doesn’t help
  • You bloat and gain weight
  • You might have anemia (iron deficiency) which can not clot your blood causing so much blood loss it’ll be deadly
  • You never feel full
  • Everything irritates you
  • You will cry a lot
  • Once you get up in the morning, your center of gravity has shifted and all the blood settling in you during the night will now rush out of you causing you to clench your legs tightly to avoid leaking
  • You get made fun of for having a period ?////?/?/
  • You’re forced to go to school/work
  • You get told that you’re overreacting

but ya know, fixing your dick discreetly in public is bad too

This time tomorrow I’ll be a redhead again!😍💁 #selfie #septum #septumpiercing #snapchatselfie #girlswithink #girlswithtattoos #girlswithbrowneyes #girlswithpiercings #inked #inkedgirls #inkedandpierced #pierced #piercedgirls

I have a twenty-page paper to write and a test to study for, but first lemme take a #selfie! #snapchatselfie #girlswithink #girlswithtattoos #girlswithbrowneyes #girlswithpiercings #inked #inkedgirls #inkedandpierced #pierced #piercedgirls


Tengo un ángel guardián que me ha cuidado cada segundo de cada día. 

Lexi.22.College Senior.Trilingual.Taken<3.
Vegetarian at Heart.Writer.HU Soldier.

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Phobias: Katsaridaphobia.Mycophobia.

I can shout a mean "Roll Tide!"

Dedicated to Hollywood Undead; More so Funny Man ♥

I reblog a lot of drag queens.
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Majoring in: International Studies (with a concentration
in Western Europe),
Religious Studies, and Criminal Justice

Minoring in: Italian, Judaic Studies,
and Blount(Don't know what it is? Ask!

Speaks: Spanish and English fluently, Italian fairly fluently, German and French decent, and Hebrew and Arabic beginnerly.

Europe = homeawayfromhome ♥
04.27.2011; a day that forever changed my life

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