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...just a face in the crowd


girls don’t like boys they like harry potter memorabilia.

  • Me: Dear Diary, It is September first and yet again I'm not on the Hogwarts Express and I'm bitter. What should I do?
  • Diary: Kill Harry Potter.


What an idiot. en We Heart It.

Also, La mia prima tema per Italiano 356 è finito! 😄😄 #collegelife #italianminorlife

#DayOne of the #selfcareseptember challenge. #Relaxation. After cleaning my house and studying/reading/doing homework all weekend; I have decided to reward myself with a #HarryPotter movie marathon and snuggles with my four favourite pooches. #selflove @bodylove4all

I usually don’t do these challenges, and if I do, then I absolutely suck at keeping up with them. I have decided, to take on this one. I have struggled with my loving my self and still do struggle and I feel like this daily challenge will help me discover more of the love I have for myself. Thank you @bodylove4all. #selfcareseptember #selflove #dailychallenge

Isn’t that the company that sold all of the things in Looney Toons? #brainistootiredforthis #grevocabularyreview

  • me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees
  • me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS


The 10 Best “Snatch Game” Queens On “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Lexi.22.College Senior.Trilingual.TakenVegetarian at Heart.Writer.HU Soldier.
Potterhead.Whovian.Over-Achiever.Proud Hufflepuff.

Likes: tattoos.piercings.DBZ.Case
Closed.Criminal Minds.anime.manga.
The Big Bang Theory.
Family Guy.Thundercats.
Dr Who.Ed, Edd, n' Eddy.The
Golden Girls.The X-Files.

Phobias: Katsaridaphobia.Mycophobia.

I can shout a mean "Roll Tide!"

Dedicated to Hollywood Undead; More so Funny Man ♥

I reblog a lot of drag queens.
Jinkx Monsoon.Pandora Boxx. Detox Icunt.Alaska Thunderfuck.
Sharon Needles.Tammie Brown.
Alyssa Edwards.Ivy Winters.
Nina Flowers.Ongina.Vicky Vox.
Shangela.LatriceRoyale.Manila Luzon.
Adore Dealno. Bianca Del Rio. MILK.
BenDeLaCreme. Joslyn Fox. Magnolia Crawford

Majoring in: International Studies (with aconcentration
in Western Europe),
Religious Studies, and Criminal Justice
Minoring in: Italian, Judaic Studies,
and Blount(Don't know what it is? Ask!

Speaks: Spanish and English fluently, Italian fairly fluently, German and French decent, and Hebrew and Arabic beginnerly.

Europe = homeawayfromhome ♥
04.27.2011; a day that forever changed my life

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