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Lexi.21.College Senior.Trilingual.
Vegetarian at Heart.Writer.HU Soldier.
Over-Achiever.ARTTM. FTSK.ATL

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Likes: tattoos.piercings.DBZ.Case
Closed.Criminal Minds.anime.manga.
The Big Bang Theory.
Family Guy.Thundercats.
Dr Who.Ed, Edd, n' Eddy.The
Golden Girls

Phobias: Katsaridaphobia.Mycophobia.

I can shout a mean "Roll Tide!"

Dedicated to Hollywood Undead; More so Funny Man ♥

I reblog a lot of drag queens.
Jinkx Monsoon.Pandora Boxx. Detox Icunt.Alaska Thunderfuck.
Sharon Needles. Tammie Brown.
Alyssa Edwards. Ivy Winters.
Nina Flowers.Ongina.Vicky Vox.
Shangela.Latrice Royale.Manila Luzon

Majoring in: International Studies (with a concentration
in Western Europe),
Religious Studies, and Criminal Justice

Minoring in: Italian, Judaic Studies,
and Blount(Don't know what it is? Ask!

Speaks: Spanish and English fluently, Italian fairly fluently, German and French decent, and Hebrew and Arabic beginnerly.

Europe = homeawayfromhome ♥
04.27.2011; a day that forever changed my life

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